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B4A is a KPO service started by �PTSPL� for a specialized industry. B4A primarily work in area of insurance industry. B4A offers different services for an insurance agency at very attractive cost and quality. B4A work in close association with the agent and provide services that are predefined in terms of quality and standard of work. With a good firm you get the following Good quality work.

In complex and competitive era it’s mandatory to have low operational cost. Another important aspect in today’s business is to focus on core business processes. This leads to better efficiency and hence better and rapid growth in businesses.

We primarily offer following services:
  1. Back Office Support for LAW agencies
  2. Back Office Support for Insurance Agencies
  3. Back office Support for CPA/Accounting Firms

Typical Services We offer to our Customers:

  1. Customer Data Management
    1. Application Data Entry
    2. Uploading Data on Web Portals – Insurance Agencies
    3. CASE data entry
  2. Information Maintenance
    1. Policy Documents Tagging.
    2. Weekly Backup of Databases
  3. Data Validation
    1. Validation of paper data vs electronic data
    2. Duplicate Records Elimination
  4. Various Report Extraction – Business Intelligence
    1. Data extraction from Internet
    2. Premium Sheet Preparation
    3. Reminder Lists – (Renewal, Re-Call, Document Reminders)
    4. Potential Customer List  - Product Promotion
    5. Premium Reminders Emails
  1. Back Office Support for LAW Agencies

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      2.      Back Office Support for Insurance Agencies

The back office processes at “Insurance Agents” offices  are becoming more and more IT Enabled. The need of this IT enabled processes has become more vital in today’s information Technology ERA as the Insurance Providers are also expecting the “Agent’s” to have advanced  IT systems. Again, this is all to reduce the “Turn Around Time” as much as one can.

Before using the services a typical agency appears like this:

Before B4a.JPG
  1. “Agent” spends much more time on data maintenance.
  2. “Agent” can only afford to have man power for office timings.
  3. “Agent” needs to train agency employee for data entry, basic rules of data validation and reporting.
  4. In case employee attrition agent “LOOSES” voluble time in non-core actives and in turn may lose potential customers and hence the BSUNESS.

Before using the services a typical agency appears like this:

    • ‘Data entry” In web portals
    • Data upload on web portals of insurance companies
    • “Premium” data extraction and report preparation
    • ‘ERP’ (ABS, HAWKSOFT)  data maintenance
    • Document tagging to customer record  in ERP system
    • Preparing various weekly and monthly reports – e.g. Insurance Renewal reminders
    • Data back –ups
    • BI Reports

After  using the services a typical agency appears like this:

after b4a.JPG


    • “Agent” is NOT spending time on data maintenance
    • Agent can have “Operators” working for them for non office hours.
    • “Agent” do NOT need to train employees on back office processes
    • “Agent” now can spend quality time to speak to more customers and increase his/her business dramatically.
    • ‘Agent” can give better/faster customer service to have a HAPPY customer.
    3.      Back office Support for CPA/Accounting Firms

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