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Pi Tech Solutions is transpired as a global software services company that offers accurate IT solutions. In the competitive era of the internet, we provide professional, logical solutions that make a difference and save our clients real-time.

In this era of the internet and mobile computing, Pi Tech Solutions takes pride in working on complex tasks. Providing the ideal services by the authorized staff is the organization's main goal in order to satisfy the customers. The basic principle is to provide the clients with some added value apart from the usual services so that the client can develop or expand their business.

Through our work across the Insurance KPO domain, we deliver quality services that include underwriting audits, sending feedback to the agents, receiving audit documents, sending renewal reminders, and e-mailers to the Insurance Agents. Our primary focus is to save clients time and energy that they can direct towards developing their business, exceeding their expectations, and building long-term relationships.


We operate in a specific method to ensure that we understand your needs the best and exceed your expectations.


We meet customers in a designated office/space to discuss their company, their requirements, their plan, and their expectations before proposing a plan.


Concept & Initiatives

Our team of experts brainstorm different kinds of ideas and initiatives for delivering the best solutions for the services that you need.


Testing & Trying

Once you like the ideas and approve of the plans, we start the initial experimentation from our end. We keep track of the results and the growth and offer constructive suggestions on the adaptations to ensure that you are optimizing our services.


Execute & Install

As soon as the final plan is approved by both you and the technical team, we proceed with the execution of operations mentioned in the agreement.



We provide exceptional IT solutions that gear you up for success. We are best known for our corporate values:

The IT Services that we run can be best segmented by the skills employed to deliver the services (research, design, build, run):

.Net Technologies
Crystal Reports


Devyani Patankar

Managing Director

For the last 20 years, Devyani has been working dedicatedly in the IT Industry. Her passion for the domain has shaped Pi-Tech superabundantly. After successfully completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Management, she knew she wanted to make an impact in the IT industry through her work.

Soon she became a Certified Crystal Report Developer and became cognoscenti of SQL and Data Mining. Over the years, her knowledge in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Accounting has aggrandized substantially.

To expand her horizons and acquire more cognizance, she worked at Microsoft Dallas, Texas, USA. Her dynamism, decision-making abilities, and potential to consistently inspire her team makes her a mainstay of the organization.

Dr. Vijay Gokhale

Director Technical

Dr. Vijay Gokhale brings to the table his experience of over 20 years in the IT industry and system-level application development. He has excellent proficiency in Microsoft Technology and is an expert in Mobile OS and WinCE system-level applications.

He has been a leading light in the IT Education field. He has worked as the Corporate Coach in Open OS. Throughout his career in education, he has trained over 10,000 IT students and inspired many more.

He has had opportunities to work in Senior Positions at several esteemed multinationals. He is an expert in UNIX Internals and in real-time OS. His direction is of great essence to our organization’s operations.


Dr. Suresh A. Shan

Director Technical

Dr. Suresh A. Shan is a Technology enthusiast and an Initiator as a beginner to Matured Minds & Machines. He is a Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science, Mobility, and Indian Occupations.
He provides Direct Insurance Broking within the BFSI Finance Sector. Offers a range of Life and Non-Life tailor-made products. He empowers our organization to achieve the extended breakthrough corporate customer-centric experience through the conversational channels of Social IoT Big Data Information.

Dr. Suresh focuses greatly on Corporate & Customer Digital Transformation through disruptive innovative models. He possesses a great amount of experience in the field. Has been sharing his knowledge with the community as a panelist across 1656 Panels and is determined to make a difference by providing high-quality deliverables at affordable cost and time that aims to “enhance the competitiveness”.

Dr. Suresh A. Shan has been living & building his dreams of Industry Vs Academics, bridging Technology & Understanding the Gaps, and making a cultural difference in society. In the last 15 years, he has conducted around 1026 Academics Leadership Programs and Team Building Programs across India as well as in SAARC countries & Multiple countries on the topics of Education, Health, Finance, and Rural Behavior People Domains. He has reached out to 93 College University Principals, 1011+ Faculty, Teachers, & about 28,505+ Students Entrepreneurs across to promote and optimize these programs.

With his experience, dedication, and passion to make a mark on the global tech industry, he proves to be a tower of strength for Pi-Tech Solutions.


Sagar Rathod

Subject Matter Expert

9+ Years Experience in Back Office Operations

Sumit Dorge

Delivery Manager

9+ Years of Quoting Experience 10,000+ Quotes Delivered Successfully!

Sagar Rathod

Client Partner

16+ Years

Sonal Bhave

Product Manager, IT

16+ Years

Aditi Chandrchud

Sr. HR Executive

7+ Years