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PITSPL has developed a product suite for insurance brokers and agents serving the Asian and American markets. We have also formed a CRM and work platform to make agency operations easier. Overall, it's a platform with a complete collection of easy-to-operate tools.

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SOP Assistant

The healthcare industry in India is expanding rapidly. Both the government and the private sectors have participated actively by investing heavily in infrastructure and institutional mechanisms, which has resulted in healthcare becoming one of the most significant sectors. Nurses constitute a significant portion of the healthcare workforce in India, continuing to serve as the hospital's backbone. Strengthening the nursing workforce in India is critical in order to provide holistic care to patients while also providing updated knowledge and skills to aspiring nurses. It is suggested that the quality of nursing education be improved in order to strengthen the nursing sector.

- International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research Vol.7; Issue: 3; July-Sept. 2022

Pi Tech intends to develop AR-based tools to assist nurses in handling day-to-day procedures in hospitals, as well as equipment such as ventilators and monitoring systems, among others.

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We have designed a web-based e-Learning system with learning content/course management and assessment administration. This system supports all learning content formats, such as video, HTML-based content, SCORM-compliant content, and so on. It also offers customizable online quizzes for trainees, and their results can be tracked easily. Several reports are already available for analyzing data for course status, trainee assessment, and so on.

MRO Content Builder

It is critical to have a solid process and a complete selection of maintenance and repair manuals in the field of engineering maintenance. Pi-Tech has developed expertise in creating "Digital Content" for the repair and replacement of mechanical parts. Our team has learnt to create digital content adeptly for a maintenance procedure through which any animated view can be seen for exploding an assembly and vice versa. Our expertise can be highly influential and advantageous for:

e-Learning Platform Implementation Contents Creation
e-Learning Framework Implementation Contents Maintenance