PI Tech

Digital Broker/Agency

In the modern insurance marketplace, customer acquisition and retention are greatly influenced by brokers and agents. It is absolutely crucial for brokers and agents to have all four functions—marketing, sales, service, and operations—in place and functioning smoothly. In the age of cutting-edge technology, every function must be thoroughly IT-enabled. Furthermore, data needs to travel speedily, and customers need to be catered to nearly 24 hours a day, so it is extremely important for broker or agency firms to interact with the systems of the business entities via technology. Because of this, being "DIGITAL" for the Broker and Agent requires a total metamorphosis.

For these transitions, PITSPL provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Our team is well-versed in the procedures involved in brokers and agencies, and it uses a methodical approach, procedures, services, and software to successfully "transform" into a digital broker or agent.

PI Tech

Digital SOP Assist

Standard operating procedures are one of the most fundamental cornerstones of professional healthcare service. Since the healthcare business is experiencing such rapid technological advancement, it has become challenging for healthcare providers to keep up with all SOPs while also learning, documenting, training, and updating the workforce. PITSPL provides a solution in the form of AR-based graphic tools that will enable healthcare professionals to self-train in their native language.

PI Tech

Digitalization of MRO

MRO has had a significant role in the mobility and public transit domains. The typical SOPs for maintenance differ considerably depending on the band of the engine and coach. To prevent breakdowns, maintenance engineers require intensive training in preventive maintenance. Therefore, having a continual training program and training materials is one of the key elements of this MRO sector. It allows them to keep up with the pace of the maintenance cycle. PITSPL provides a solution that includes an eLearning platform, a full procedure, and a tool for digitizing the contents in standard part maintenance.